Date of Birth     :  14.10.1969    //   Place of Birth  : Pondicherry,  India   //   Language    :  Tamil, English     

Sex &  Status    :  Male & Married   //    Nationality    : Indian   //   Spouse     : Sandriga., M.A., B.Ed ( Tamil) 

Children   :  Two   //  Email  //  Cell:09267 71268672 



  • Distinction in Advanced University Dip. in Visual art (Honours Degree)
  • I st class  Post Graduate  Diploma in Temple Art, Alagappa University,  Karaikudi-Tamilnadu -2001
  • I st class-Bachelor of Fine Art Degree-Painting., Pondicherry University,Govt of pondicherry1988- 1993
  • Master of Philosophy -M.Phil- from M S University –Tirunelvely, -2003 (Research- collections of  paintings at the Pondicherry Museum-A  study.)
  • Diploma in video and Photography by SISI, Ministry of Small Scale Industries,India-2003
  • Master of Arts(M.A) -Annamalai University.Tamilnadu
  • Asian course on Conservation of wall painting Training, INTACH, Lucknow,  1994 to 1995.
  • Technical Teachers certificate (Teacher Training) in Fine art-Chennai, Govt of Tamilnadu.
  • ‘A‘ Grade Certificate in Computer Graphic Arts from Ministry of information, Govt of India-(GIST & PACE)

Work History and Experience

  • Senior Lecturer II -Art, Molepolole College of Education, Molepolole, Botswana-2012 to date.
  • Art dept.Coordinator(2006-07)  and  Senior Art Teacher-II in Tutume McConnell College,Botswana (Africa) from 2004  to till date. (IGCSE syllabus, Cambridge University, London)
  • History of & and Painting Instructor in Dept.of finearts,Bharathiar Palkalaikoodam,Govt.of Pondicherry-1998 to 2004  (Pondicherry University)
  • Art Teacher – (Part time) in Jawahar Balbhavan, and Govt of pondicherry-2002.( State Board- Pondicherry Gvot)
  • Drawing teacher in Bhavans Gandhi vidyashram,(Bharadhiya Vidhya Bhavan  International Residential Public School, Kodaikanal -1996 to 1998 ( CBSE syllabus-Govt of India)
  • Designer and Sculptor in New Creation Terracotta workshop, Auroville.India -1995,1996
  • Conservator of historical wall painting /other paintings in Indian  Conservation Institute, ICKPAC, Bangalore & INTACH Lucknow-1994 to 1995
  • Set Designer cum Artist in Doordharshan Kendra,Pondicherry,Govt of India-1993


Preserved Historical Paintings in India under INTACH chitra kala parishat art conservation centre – Bangalore, Lucknow-India

  • Historical wall painting, Mata Mansa Devi Temple ,Haryana
  • Oil paintings, Mysore Palace, Karnataka)
  • Historical wall paintings in Tanjore Palace,Tamilnadu
  • Historical wall paintings in Sri Ranganatha swami temple,Sri Rangam, Tamilnadu
  • Historical wall paintings in Varadaraja perumal Temple,Karaikudi,Tamilnadu
  • Restored well known artists (Raja Ravi varma, D.P.Roy Chowdry etc) oil paintings, water    Colour paintings under ICKPAC, Bangalore centre



Participations- Art Exhibitions

  • Art Auction conducted by Re Nyalana Society to raise the fund to support the poor un married couples at Gaborone Sun Hotel, Botswana, 8th December,2014 
  • HIV/AIDS awareness contest, National Museum, Ministry of Youth and Culture, Botswana, 2014 
  • Yacht Club and Art at Yacht club view, Gaborone, Botswana, Sept, 2014
  • Old Age Crafts, Craft Market, Broadhurst, Botswana – 2014  
  • Annual Art exhibition of African country by PTA  Cliften,  Francistown,2009,2010,2011
  • National art exhibition-National Museum,Botswana-2008
  • National Art Exhibition-BONAFA, S.Phikwe, Botswana(Africa)-2005,2007,2009
  • National Art Exhibition, Lalit kala Academy ,New Delhi-2003-04.
  • National Art Exhibition, Thapong Visual Art Centre,Gaborone,Botswana-2006,2013,2014
  • NATA Region Art Exhibition,(Francistown, Sua town-2004,2005,2006,2007,2009) Botswana( Africa)
  • International  Fax Drawing Exhibition by INDO-DUTCH Art centre,Kerala-India-1996
  • Tamilnadu ovia nunkalai kuzhu,Chennai-1990,96,98.,Avantika,New delhi-1996,97.,
  • Avantika, NewDelhi-1996,1997
  • Chitra kala parishad,Bangalore,Karnataka-1995
  • Arikamedu art ackademy-pondicherry-1994
  • Rashtria kala Mela,Chennai,Bangalore,New delhi-1994,95,97.,
  • Vijaya fine art society,Gadag,Karnataka-1991,93.,
  • Rajnivas art gallery art exhibition,1993
  • Andhra academy of art,Vijayavada,Andhra Pradesh-1992.,
  • Hyderabad art society,Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh-1992.,
  • Pondicherry Ovia Nunkalai ackademi-1990,1991
  • Kalapeetam,guntur,Andhra Pradesh-1991
  • Pondicherry state art society-1988,91,92,93.,



  • Cash Award in HIV & AIDS art awareness exhibition AT National Museum, organized by Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture & NACA, Botswana, 2014
  • “Kalai Sigaram” Title award from Kuzhandhaigal Kalai Ilakkiya valarchi Kazhagam, Pondicherry-2014
  • Honor in International women’s day Carnival by Kagisano Society, Molepolole, Botswana- 2013
  • Certificate of appreciation for Art works displayed at Molepolole Congregational Church during celebration of United Congregational Church of Southern Africa Day (UCCSA), Botswana (S. Af) 2013
  • Certificate of appreciation from Pakalane Trust for Donating painting , Gaborone, Botswana 2013
  • Best Art Teacher Award, by Northern Art Teachers Association ,Botswana 2009
  • Best Art Achiever award by  Pondicherry Ovia Panpattu Iyakkam,  Pondicherry, India 2009
  • Appreciation Certificate by Honble Minister of education, Botswana-2007
  • Honourable Mention inAvantika, Delhi-1997
  • “ACHARYA DEVO BHAVA” Prashamsapatra Title Award by National child art panorama by Young envoys international-Hyderabad-1996
  • Merit & Honourable Mention award by North Arcot Artists Association.vellore-1991,94
  • Best poem composing award by youth peace centre, pondicherry-1993
  • Best painting award  for drawing in status of women’s day art exhibition by directorate of field publicity & ministry of information & broadcasting, Govt of India-1993
  • Best drawing by Hyderabad art society, Lalait Kala Academy- India 1992
  • Best drawing by animal husbandry Dept.Govt of pondicherry-1992
  • Best sculpture and drawing award in Fine art college art exhibition,pondicherry ovia Nunkalai academy-1992
  • Best drawing award in International art exhibition INEXART by state art society,pondicherry-1992
  • Best drwaing award in 19th National book week art exhibition,pondicherry-1991
  • Best painting award in International literacy week by National service scheme-1991
  • Best drawing by Kalapeetam , Lalait Kala  Akademy Andhra Pradesh-India 1991
  • Best painting Award by Ministry of information and Broadcasting,Govt of India-1990


  • Member in International centre for culture Devpt.,Indo-Dutch art centre,Kerala -1997 to2003
  • Member in Multi culture Movement-Netherlands
  • Member in Supa Nqwao Museum,Francistown
  • Member in Thapang visual art centre Gaborone-Botswana,Africa
  • Member in NATA North region Association,Botswana
  • Member in the colour impact 5 men artist group,Pondicherry


Art Shows

  • One day Art Market show organized by Bull and Bush Hotel Gaborone, 2014
  • One day Group show organized by Gaborone Yacht Club and Art at Yacht club view, Gaborone, Botswana, Sept, 2014
  • “Beauty in African Soil” at Masa center, Gaborone, Botswana, Sept,2014
  • “Guru Sishyan” Group show at Art Houz, Chennai, Tamilnadu March 2014
  • “Liveliness in lines and Coloures” hosted by alliance francaise art gallery, Botswana, September, 2013
  • Group show in Art Beat Gallery, Pondicherry, India 2013
  • “Artists and Art” Group show in Sega Art Gallery, Puduchaerry, 2012
  • “Whispers voices” two artists show sponsored by Alliance francaise, Botswana, May,2011
  • “Ancestor Voices” Solo show in Unisa art gallery in Pretoria, South Africa, Fbruary, 2011
  • "Behind and Between" solo show sponsored by Coromandel art Gallery, Puducherry,2010
  • “Memories” ,sponsored by Alliance francaise,Puducherry,2009
  • The colour impact members,Momento art gallery,pondicherry,2009
  • “Towards Devine” in Square art gallery,Bharat nivas,Aurovile , pondicherry2008
  • “Dimension of Art” in Thapong visual art centre Gaborone,  Botswana (Southern Africa)2008
  • “Indian artists” in Supa Ngwa Museum, Francistown, Botswana (Southern Africa)2007,2008
  • Solo Public Art Show-Bringing art to the people- in Galo centre, Francistown Botswana- 2007
  • Group Art show at Trinity Art Gallerry, pondicherry -2007
  • Group Art show at Thapong Art Gallery during  drawing workshop, Gaborone,Botswana-2006
  • Group Art show Art Antique-Pondicherry-2002
  • Group Art show at Chitiram Art Gallery,Cochin,Kerala-2001
  • Group Art show at Synagogue Art Galleria ,Kerala-2001
  • Group Art show, Indian – Dutch  art Exhibition in pithanga Art Gallery, Auroville-2000
  • Group show at Lycee Francaise, pondicherry-1999
  • Group Art show at Galleria Mareechika,Cochin,Kerala-1998
  • Solo art show in Pithanga Art Gallerry,sponsored by Pithanga ,Auroville-1997
  • Group show by Indian artist and Dutch artist in Huiskernhem Kernhemseweg 7 ede, sponsored by Multi cultural Movement, Netherland-1995 
  • Group Art show in Keral-Kairali samithi-1992
  • Solo art show in Alliance Francaise,y Pondicherry-1991 & 1997
  • Group  Art show in Bal bhavan Art Gallery,Pondicherry-1991


Art works commissioned by art promoters and art lovers

  • Holland, France, America, Botswana, Australia, Switzerland including:
  • National Museum, Botswana, Botswana
  • Mr. Edwin Batshu, Minister of Labour & Home, Govt. of Botswana, 2014
  • Margarat Nasha, Speaker of Botswana National Assembly, 2014
  • Mr. Hemant, Director of Mr.Veg. Botswana, 2014 
  • Thapong art Gallery, Art world-Botswana
  • Honble.F.Mogae President of Botswana Resident (Southern Africa) 2007
  • Mr.Setabo, Principal, Molepolole College of Education,Botswana
  • Miss.Seretse, Deputy Principal, Molepolole College of Education, Botswana
  • Mr. Rajeswaran, Writer, Botswana 2014
  • Mogotitshane Senior Secondery School, Botswana
  • Sharelene Khan, Art Lecturer, UNISA, South Africa
  • Dulux Paints-Francistown-Botswana, Mogonano Lodge- Mahalapye,
  • Supa Ngawao Museum,Francistown
  • Coromandel Art Gallery-Pondicherry,India
  • Alliance Francaise-Pondicherry, Botswana
  • Doordharshan Kendra- Pondicherry,Govt of India.
  • Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavans,Kodaikanal
  • South Zone Cultural Centre (SZCC)-Tanjore
  • Govt.Museum-Pondicherry.
  • Vadera Art Gallery-New Delhi, India
  • Art and Aesthetic Gallery, New Delhi
  • Pithanga Art Gallery-Auroville
  • Sculpture in Thanthai Periyar
  • And many private collections in India and abroad.



Curriculum workshop/Training

  • "Photshop workshop" organized by Art Dept, Molepolole College of Education, 2014.( Structured and planned by Gopal J)
  • “Website Design workshop” organized by Art Dept, Molepolole College of Education, 2014.( Structured and planned by Gopal J)
  • Invited to demonstrate painting participated as Resource person by Tutume Cluster Art teachers, Botswana -2010
  • Art Department workshop-(subjects- Conflict management, supplies organization,Dept. organization,Team work organized by Teacher training Dept,Secondery education,Ministry of education,Botswana.2009
  • Know bout business trainers training by International labour organization, International training centre, Turin-2007
  • Art and Design project course work, workshop for BGCSE in Francistown organized by Ministry of Education, Govt.of Botswana-2005
  • Art and Design  BGCSE Marking Training-Gaborone organized by Ministry of Education, Govt.of Botswana-2004


Art workshops/camps

  • “Fabric as sculpture materials” workshop-Thapong visual art centre by American Embassy, Gaborone,2012
  • “Professional Practice in the Art History” Seminar by Art source South Africa- Thapong visual art centre, Gaborone – 2011.  
  • International Drawing workshop in Gaborone organized by Thapang visual art centre in the collaboration with Finland Embassy-Botswana(southern Africa)2006
  • Painters camp organized by Pondicherry press for Gujarat Relief Fund-2001
  • Painters camp organized by the Colour impact group,pondicherry-2000
  • Art work shop organized by Lyse francaise,pondicherry-1999
  • Painters camp organized by South zone cultural centre,Tanjore& Dept of Art and Culture, pondicherry-1995 &98
  • Drawing camp organized by Dept of Animal Husbandry and Arikkamedu Art Academy, pondicherry-1993
  • Art and Graphic workshop organized by Doordarshan Kendra,Pondicherry-93
  • Drawing camp organized by Villupuram Ovia Nunkalai Academy-1991


National service Camps

  • Volunteered – Art works displayed at Molepolole Congregational Church during celebration of United Congregational Church of Southern Africa Day (UCCSA), Botswana, 2013
  • Donated painting for Auction to raise the fund for Tsogang Trust Orphanage through Pakalane Golf estate Trust, Botswana, 2013
  • National integration camp, Jaipur organized by NYO & Govt.of Rajasthan-2000.
  • All India national integration camp organized by Yuvajana Kairali samithi,Kerala-1993
  • National Integration Camp organized by National Service Scheme, Govt of pondicherry, 1991



  • Paper presented on “Visual expression of Hindu Yogis” in University of South Africa, October, 2012 & 2nd September, 2013, 19th September 2014
  • Resource person on” Computer Graphics for New Generation” Molepolole College of Education, Botswana, 2012
  • Resource person on”  Hinduism – A study” Molepolole College of education, Botswana, 2012
  • Research paper on “The comparative study and critical analysis of Bakalanga and Hindus ancestor beliefs”  2010
  • Did research on "Ancestor Voices-Ancestor belief among Bakalanga and Hindus –University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa 2010,2011
  • Resource person to demonstrate Water colour paintings, organized by Tutume Cluster,Botswana,2010
  • Research article done based on “Art of line and colours” a study in Botswana  2009
  • Resource person“Art movement in Botswana”organized by Art Teachers, Govt of puduchery, India-08
  • Did Research on “Collections of paintings in pondicherry Museum- A study”-MS university, India,2003


Visited Countries

Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Qatar


Personal interest

Art educating art lovers to make them to understand the gift of Art knowledge in the busy world, conducting  Art Exhibition / workshop /camps, Doing regular painting/drawing, Preserving art works, participating art exhibition, photography, editing computer video graphics, Reading, Playing Indoor games, Doing  yoga, Visiting Historical places, traveling, doing service to community people.



Res    :  House No.3, Savari Nagar, 2nd cross, Dharamapuri, Pondicherry. India- 605009

Off     : Senior Art Lecturer,Molepolole College of Education, Molepolole. Botswana (Southern Africa)